Identity verification

Identity Verification

Nostr uses NIP-05 to verify the identity of a user. NIP-05 enables a Nostr user to map their public key to a DNS-based internet identifier. The verification mechanism is similar to how Google requires you to verify your ownership of a domain using a DNS record.

The major benefit of verification is that it allows a Nostr user to be identified by a human-readable name, instead of a long, hard-to-remember public key. This enables verified Nostr users to easily share their identity with others.

To add your NIP-05 id on Lume

Open your profile page

Click on the three dots icon on the botton left, and open profile

Edit profile

Click on edit profile button

Add NIP-05 id

Add your desired NIP-05 id

Configure NIP-05 id

Configure your NIP-05 id by following the guide here (opens in a new tab)