Quick start

Quick start

Installing Lume

You can install the latest version of Lume v1.2.5 by downloading the required package from here (opens in a new tab).

Lume is cross-platform and supports GNU/Linux based operating systems, macOS and Windows.

Accessing your Nostr account

To interact with the Nostr protocol, you need to have a private/public key pair. Your public key is like your username while your private key is like your password. Once you open Lume, you will be prompted to create a private/public key pair or enter your existing private key.

Lume Onboarding

Creating a new account

If you are new to Nostr, create a new private/public key pair.


Keep your private keys in a safe, do not share private keys with others!

Now click continue and create a password for your Lume client. This password is used to secure the keys stored in your local machine and to unlock Lume.

Log in to existing account

If you already have a private/public key pair, created using Lume or any other Nostr client. You can access Nostr by logging in with your private key. Once you enter your private key, you will be prompted to enter a password to secure your keys as well as to unlock Lume.